Implant ​Acceler​ator

Take Your Implantology to the Next Le​vel

Facially and ​Prosthetically ​Driven Implant ​Planning

Implant Accelerator incorporates Kois ​Principles with the latest and most ​advanced surgical techniques to train and ​practice the highest standards of surgical ​dentistry.

Courses Offered

Si​mplifying GBR w/ Sticky Bone

Didactic and Hands-On​

Li​ve Patient Surgery Training

Ti​juana, Mexico

Ma​stering Soft Tissue

Wa​shington, DC

3 Full Days of Surgery

Live ​Patient ​Implant ​Surgery ​Course

2023 Dates

Registration Open:

Feb 15 - Feb 18, 2023

May 3 - May 6, 2023

Registration Opening Soon:

July 19 - July 22, 2023

Oct 11 - Oct 14, 2023

Didactic and Hands-On Course

Simplifying GBR ​with Sticky Bone

2023 Dates: Jan 21, 2023 - Washington, DC

Highly Recommended Course prior to taking the Live Surgery Course

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Didactic and Hands-On Course

Mastering Soft Tissue

For Implant clinicians

2023 Dates: March 24-25, 2023 - Washington, DC

Highly Recommended Course prior to taking the Live Patient Soft Tissue ​Surgery Training Course

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Sticky Bone

Continuing the Original Sticky Bone legacy since 2004.

Trademarked by Prof. DS Sohn.

Developed by Prof. DS Sohn and Dr. Jin Y Kim.

Learn how to make and use Sticky Bone to its maximum ​capacity as the originators intended.

Most Up-to-date surgical techniques

Immediate Provisionalization

and CTG


Partial Extraction Therapy

Simplifying GBR

with Sticky Bone

Co​re Faculty

Dr. Jin Y Kim, Board Certified Periodontist

Dr. Kevin Kim, Kois Graduate

Dr. Andrew Hamilton, Kois Graduate

D​r. John Ku, Kois Graduate

What ​Participating ​doctors say

Writing Outline Illustration

D​r. Paul Yang

Best hands on implant course I’ve ​attended. Before implant accelerator, I ​have 3 other courses and this was my 4th ​one. While other courses struggled to fill ​patients, the course had more than ​enough patients for their trainee and very ​patient and informative instructors who is ​willing to hold your hand every step along ​the way. The number of implants that I ​was able to place with restorative ​outcome in mind was tremendous and ​found myself immediately improve in ​practice the next day. I would highly ​recommend to take your implantology to ​the next level with implant accelerator. I ​am coming back for more and hopefully I ​can meet you during next trip!

Writing Outline Illustration
Writing Outline Illustration

D​r. C

I came back from this program and I am ​much more confident with all aspects of ​surgery including flap design, flap release ​and suturing. The fine details and tips that ​will make or break your case is game ​changi​ng.

Dr​. K

I am so glad I learned how to surgeries ​the right way from the beginning. Kois ​grad faculty incorporating Kois principles ​to the course is one of the biggest ​highlight​ of this program.

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